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Buff to Sponser the Mary Towneley Loop in 2014


We’re please to announce that Buff are once again sponsoring the Mary Towneley Loop Mountain Bike Challenge in 2014.


We thank them for their continued support, and don’t forget, we are still taking entries to the event on line and by post.


Tour De France

photo 6

On Sunday 06 July 2014, the Tour de France travelled through our neighbouring team’s operational area (Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team). Due to the expected huge influx of people, CVSRT were asked to provide cover for the moorland areas along the route where spectators were likely to head. They requested help from ourselves and their ‘sister Irish team’ Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team.

photo 10

Three of our vehicles were spread through the area, each paired with a CVSRT vehicle to cover any incidents. During the day, we attended a lady who fell from a high wall and a crashed cyclist (although it wasn’t a Tour rider!).

photo 11

While being on post, one of the joint teams decided to do a bit of fundraising, which raised a good sum.

photo 7photo 3

We even counted the money on scene but had no money bags. A bit of improvisation later, and spare medical gloves became money bags!

photo 8

Needless to say, there was also a bit of sitting around to do!

photo 5

photo 1

Our thanks to CVSRT for hosting us. It was good to work together – one of the jobs we attended had a team from CVSRT, Dublin and us arrive in our respective vehicles – a true multi-national, multi-team job!