3rd Padiham Scouts come to the rescue!


There’s something about Mountain Rescue and the Scouting movement that goes together very well – a love of the outdoors, teamwork, doing something for the community, and of course the odd bit of first aid.

On Thursday 20 October 3rd Padiham Scouts kindly asked us to visit their hut and talk to not only the Scouts but parents and anyone else we could find. The audience were full of energy with the the usual blend of smiles, good questions and also occasional daft questions. We talked about how Mountain Rescue were all unpaid volunteers, and how we help a wide range of the community. The Scouts watched a short slide show of us up to our tricks in snow and ice, and the fancy stuff like rope rescues.

Then the fun began as we let them loose on our equipment. Some Scouts learnt about the noble art of search dogs (some would say it’s a science!) with Bob and Doc. Others found out what fun it was to wrap an older Scout up in an immobilising vacuum mattress and bounce her around on a stretcher. You were a great volunteer Abbey! Finally some of the older Scouts then told us what they knew about first aid, and used some of our vacuum splints to treat a variety of broken limbs. The grand finale was wrapping Simon the Scout leader in the vacuum mattress for the last photo of the night.



A great time was had by all, and we’ve talent spotted a few future MRT members too! Many thanks to Ed and the Scouts for asking us along, and we hope to see some of you on the Border Sevens next year in good form and at top speed!

More fantastic photos can be seen here: http://www.padihamscouting.org.uk/gallery/