Team Member Al Pepper & His Spine Challenger Race

aaa-al-pepperIt’s a long story really and a bit like my running but I’ll keep it short. For many years I’ve taken to the Fells & Mountains and always admired the guys and gals from Mountain Rescue. Knowing that there is always a little bit of a back up should something go really wrong whilst I’m out on the hill is reassuring. But cutting a long story short (I promised) I am now part of our local Mountain Rescue Team. It’s been a tough journey giving up many aspects of everyday life for training and callouts, sometimes at very short notice but one I’m very proud of. So over the next year I’ll be taking on some tough challenges that will involve me covering some very long distances on foot. It starts with the Spine Challenger Race in January (108 miles- Edale – Hawes under 60hrs along the Pennine Way), I’ve then got a couple more races planned and if all things work out I’m going to attempt a record for a fastest time (Details to follow). So I hope you can donate a couple of pounds as it costs over £30k each year to keep the team operational and every £ makes a difference.