Be Avalanche Aware…

After the endless drive to Aviemore, two of our team members have completed the winter skills and avalanche awareness course along with fellow members from Wasdale, Coniston, Cockermouth, Dunbar & Furness and Buxton MRT.

The course addressed safe planning, route strategies, micro navigation, probing, transceiver search techniques, rope Rescue and general skills for walking, climbing and working in and around differing winter conditions.

It was a great course delivered by the AMI team at Glenmore Lodge.

The weather was challenging, with up to 45mph winds all the time and low cloud making it a very real and physically tough few days!!

Now, we know avalanches in Pendle are as likely as seeing the Pendle witches but the core skills of micro navigation, working in icy and poor visibility areas, along with working safely are extremely relevant to the work we carry out – for both our team and our casualties.

Thanks to leadership for the opportunity and fellow teammates in the lakes for making it a great event.