Incident 02/03/18 – Stranded vehicles and members of the public (near LITTLEBOROUGH)

Date: 02/03/18

Time: 20:22hrs – 02:00hrs.

Location: Halifax Road, Near Littlebrough.

Request from: Neighbouring Mountain Rescue Team.

Details: At 20:22 we were called to assist another team with a report of over 30 cars stranded on a pass above the Moors.

A team vehicle with members on board was deployed to discover total chaos…

The time the job finished was 02:00 the next morning.

We must say the support of the local farming community and the landlords of The Moorcock Inn were second-to-none!!

The conditions were horrendous with temperatures plummeting to -12 and wind gusts of over 65mph but we fought through and managed to free two coaches, maintain the welfare of both coaches passengers and free up a huge backlog of traffic which had been diverted from a serious event on the M62 nearby.

Was a great relief when further fellow teammates joined in the efforts and we thank all involved with the hard work!!

We must also point out how impressive it was to have some of this years new intake pick up the gauntlet and join in, even though only just starting their MR training journey.


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