It’s nice to hear from those we rescue…

We rarely hear back from those we rescue but when we do it makes us even more proud of the job we do.

You may remember back in February we were called out to Calf Hey reservoir to a fallen walker who on assessment had a nasty suspected fracture dislocation.

We’re over the moon Sue is recovering well and hope to see her back walking in the hills again soon!

Here’s what Sue wrote…

“I wanted to thank the entire team who rescued me 2 weeks ago (18th Feb.) after I fell whilst out walking above Haslingden Grane.

You were amazing! Dealing with me professionally and sympathetically, I felt totally safe as you negotiated me down to the reservoir. I had managed to fracture two bones and dislocate the ankle, though I would guess that that is not news to you!

The dislocation was corrected pretty quickly and I had surgery the following day to put plates and pins in to re-join the bones. My daughter drove me back to London two days later where I am getting better at crutches and have hired a wheelchair to get out and about. 6 weeks non- weightbearing!

Without your team I don’t know how I would have got down the hill – probably still bum shuffling now! I have sung your praises to anyone who will listen and I know that my friends who live in Ramsbottom are planning a fundraising event for RPMRT.

Thank you all once again,

With very best wishes,

Sue Humphries”

Thank you Sue for your humbling message it means a lot!


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Thank you RPMRT.