Always training…

Even when we have a rare quiet patch in Mountain Rescue, we’re always training!!

Yesterday we put some of the team through their paces with forensic search techniques .

It’s a harsh reality that sometimes we might have to deal with a situation which might have to be declared a crime scene, so we invited forensic specialist, Gyles Denn to help the team go through the rigours of forensic theory and then put it into practice with an outdoor exercise in the afternoon.

Gyles, who’s a former member of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, showed the team the process of crime scene management, what we need to be aware of as a team and what to expect when working with the police on such situations.

For a number of the operational trainees and new trainees this was their first time being exposed to the reality of what we sometimes do and they did a great job taking everything on board.

In the afternoon we headed out to Hurstwood Reservoir to work through a search scenario where possible foul play was involved.

When we do training we try to make it as real as possible and in this case we wanted the team to have never met the casualty ( as opposed to using another poor teammate as is the usual case!).

We like to thank Nick Gates for helping out as casualty and also makeup artist Clare Ward for making nick look the part for the event.

We were also joining by officers from Lancashire Constabulary ( Burnley and Padiham Police ) to add another level of realism and we’d also like to thank them for their support and advice.

We were blessed with brilliant sunshine and finished the training with some great learning points and refreshed or for some, new skills.


PLEASE NOTE: The following picture of the ‘mock’ casualty has been made up to look injured, no one was actually hurt during this exercise.

Lastly massive thanks to those who turned out and the endless enthusiasm and support of Gyles Denn both pre and during the day!