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Climb Kilimanjaro and raise money for RPMRT!


It’s handy having a Team member who’s also an expert at planning expeditions. RPMRT’s Ken Crossley is putting together what for many people is the trip of  a lifetime: the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. The difference in this case is that £2000 of the entry cost will be donated to RPMRT.

The expedition is scheduled for February 2013. Kilimanjaro is an amazing trekking peak and sees walkers make their journey through lush rain forests, alpine scrub, then past glaciers to reach the roof of Africa, and the top of the world’s highest free standing mountain at a lungbusting 5895 metres.

The 12 day trip will cost £4500 with  £2000 from every participant being given to the team. 

The trip is not particularly aimed at  Mountain Rescue Team members but is aimed at people in the community that may wish to partake in a ‘once in a lifetime challenge whilst raising money for Mountain Rescue’.  It’s a good opportunity for those who want to make this trip to fund the cost of their trip by raising sponsorship.

Please see the attached poster for more information: Support RPMRT and climb Kili

or contact Ken at Ken@OutdoorUKltd.com for further details.